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MLA Style Guide, 7th Edition: Journal Article

This is a guide for MLA Style. It is based on the Modern Language Association of America's MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Seventh Edition.

Journal Article

Material Type           In-text Citation              Works Cited                                                        
Article from a print journal (Ward 82)   

Ward, Jerry W. "Two Research Notes on Richard Wright." Southern Quarterly 48.2 (2011): 75-86. Print.                                                    

Article from a scholarly journal in a database

(Gregory 71)


Gregory, Marshall. "Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Teacherly Ethos." Pedagogy 1.1 (2001): 69-89. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Apr. 2011.

Include the database name in italics.

Article from a scholarly journal on the Internet


Use all names in the text of the document. 


et al., as in:

(Negi et al. 231)

Negi, Nalini J., Kimberly A. Bender, Rich Furman, Dawnovise N. Fowler, and Julia Clark Prickett. "Enhancing Self-Awareness: A Practical Strategy to Train Culturally Responsive Social Work Students." Advances in Social Work 11.2 (2010): 223-34. Web. 25 Apr. 2011. < >

     *URL is not required, but some instructors request that it be included.

      Follow the format used in your works cited list for this entry.


NegiNalini J., et al. "Enhancing Self-Awareness: A Practical Strategy to Train Culturally Responsive Social   Work Students." Advances in Social Work 11.2 (2010): 223-34. Web. 25 Apr. 2011.