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MLA Style Guide, 7th Edition: Book with Editor(s)

This is a guide for MLA Style. It is based on the Modern Language Association of America's MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Seventh Edition.

Books with Editor(s)

A scholarly edition is a work prepared for publication by someone other than the author-usually an editor (5.5.10). If your citation refers primarily to the text of the work, begin with the author name(s). If your citation is to the work of the editor, begin with the editor name(s).

Material Type           In-text Citation              Works Cited                                                        

Book with editor(s) and author(s) 


(Austen 217-20) 

Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Claudia Johnson. New York: Norton, 2001. Print.

If you are citing the work of the author, begin with the author.

Book with editor(s) and author(s)  (Johnson vi-viii)

Johnson, Claudia, ed. Sense and Sensibility. By Jane Austen. New York: Norton, 2001. Print.

If you are citing a portion of the book written by the editor, begin with the editor. Give the author's name after the title preceded by the word 'By'.

Anthology with editor(s)    (Wiegan 137)

Wiegan, William. "The Non-Fiction Novel." The Critical Response to Truman Capote. Eds. Joseph J. Waldmeir and John C. Waldmeir. Westport, CT: Greenwood P, 1999. 135-142. Print.

Book with editor(s) and no author (Tallett and Trim 311-21)                                       

Tallett, Frank and D.J.B. Trim, eds. European Warfare, 1350-1750. Cambridge, NY: Cambridge UP, 2010. Print.

The state (NY) is added for clarification.

Entry in a reference work, with an author and editor.    (Allen 198-199)

Allen, Anita L. "Privacy in Health Care." Encyclopedia of Bioethics. Ed. Stephen G. Post. 3rd ed. Vol. 4. New York: Macmillan-Thomson, 2004. Print.

Entry in a reference work, with an editor and no author

("Relativity" 235). "Relativity." Psychological Terms and Meanings. Ed. Bruce Schulyer. 2nd ed. Vol. 35. London: Bookies, 2005. 235-238. Print.