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Open Educational Resources: American Government

Find open educational resources (OER) available to lower or eliminate the cost of textbook content for any course at Indian River State College. Find open access materials including alternative textbooks, public domain resources, and creative commons lice

American Government Textbooks


Congress Policies

Congress Browse Policies by Subject

Library of Congress

LIbrary of Congress: Constitution Resources

Cornell Law School Constitution with Annotations

Speaker of the House Speaker Resources

Bill of Rights

Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberties


Civics Literacy Requirement

Florida Department of Education: Postsecondary Civics Literacy Requirement

Landmark Court Cases  (list)

U.S. Courts: Landmark Cases (Includes more extensive information on notable cases like Brown V. Board)


Direct Democracy

The Atlantic Monthly: American Voters Are Turning to Direct Democracy

Government Support of Marriage?

Should the Government promote marriage

Other Resources

Governmental Resources

Canva Information

Databases for Students