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Open Educational Resources: Developmental Reading

Find open educational resources (OER) available to lower or eliminate the cost of textbook content for any course at Indian River State College. Find open access materials including alternative textbooks, public domain resources, and creative commons lice

Testing & Education Reference Center Database

The Testing & Education Reference Center database has the following topics for developmental reading and writing skills practice. The database allows students to access interactive tutorials and quizzes. Students can create a free account to save their progress and receive quiz grades. 

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Reading Comprehension: • Analyzing Arguments • Author Point of View • Comparing and Contrasting • Conflict • Finding Supporting Details • Historical Context • Identifying Cause and Effect • Identifying Literary Elements • Identifying Main Idea • Identifying Organization and Transition • Identifying Relevant and Supporting Details • Identifying Unfamiliar Words and Word Meanings • Inferring and Drawing Conclusions • Literary Language • Literary Terms • Main Ideas and Supporting Material • Making Inferences • Plot • Point of View • Quantitative Information • Reading Actively • Reading Comprehension Strategies • Sentence Relationships • Setting • Signal Words • Strategies for Reading and Understanding Passages • Text-Based Conclusions • Understanding Difficult Text • Understanding the Author's Tone • Understanding the Author's Viewpoint • Using Elements of Text • Visual Media • Words in Context

Sentence Skills: • Adjectives and Adverbs • Agreement • Ambiguous Pronouns • Analyzing Structure • Apostrophes • Avoiding Common Errors of Spelling, Grammar, and Usage • Building Your Vocabulary • Clauses: Independent, Dependent • Common Sentence Mistakes • Comparisons • Connection Words • Correcting Run-on Sentences • Effective Style • Frequently Confused Words • Modifiers • Noun Agreement • Organization • Parallelism • Prefixes and suffixes • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement • Pronouns • Pronouns, Nouns, and Verbs • Punctuation • Reconstructing Sentences • Sentence Enders • Sentence Fragments • Sentence Improvements • Sentence Types • Spelling and Capitalization • Style • Subject-Verb Agreement • The Parts of a Sentence • Using Modifiers • Verb Tenses • Word Roots

Writing: • Avoiding the Common Errors • Effective Style in Essays • Essay Writing • Essay Writing Method • Essay Writing: Putting It All Together • Essay Writing: The Five-Step Method • Organizing and Developing Your Ideas • Persuasive Writing • Writing Skills

See more developmental reading content including, PowerPoints, readings, activities, and rubrics.

Other Open Materials

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COETC funds were used for curricular redesign with a focus on bridging the gap between existing student skills and industry/workforce needs. CCCS and individual colleges developed material to help student support services and faculty to implement the curriculum redesign. The following courses were developed at colleges around the country using these grant funds: