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Open Educational Resources: Criminal Justice

Find open educational resources (OER) available to lower or eliminate the cost of textbook content for any course at Indian River State College. Find open access materials including alternative textbooks, public domain resources, and creative commons lice

Death Penalty Information Center

Find a wealth of information on the death penalty at the Death Penalty Information Center website. The Center releases an annual report on the death penalty, highlighting significant developments and featuring the latest statistics. The Center also produces groundbreaking reports on various issues related to the death penalty such as arbitrariness, costs, innocence, and race. We offer a wide variety of multimedia resources, such as our free, online educational curricula and our podcast series, DPIC on the Issues.

Constitutional Law Resources

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Many US government agency research, publications, images, or products made during the normal course of work duties are placed in the public domain. Items in the public domain are free from all copyright restrictions. They may be reused, redistributed, and revised as long as you attribute the original author. Go to known government websites to search by keyword for topics you need to cover in class. Search the website using the search box found on the webpage. Some criminal justice agencies are listed below. Or search Google limiting your search to .gov websites by using the following shortcut in combination with your keywords:

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Florida Department of Corrections on YouTube

National Criminal Justice Reference Service: "Established in 1972, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) is a federally funded resource offering justice and drug-related information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide." 

Uniform Crime Reporting: FBI: "The program was conceived in 1929 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to meet the need for reliable uniform crime statistics for the nation."

United States Census Bureau

United States Department of Justice

USDOJ's Programs

United States Federal Statistics

Open Textbooks

eBooks Available through IRSC Databases

Under the Reference subject of the libraries' databases is Oxford's Very Short Introduction Series. Under Law are the following titles:

9780198706168 Clapham: Human Rights, 2015
9780199303496 Fidell: Military Justice, 2016
9780199660445 Foster: Medical Law, 2013
9780199558056 Fraser: Forensic Science, 2010
9780199754540 Greenhouse: The U.S. Supreme Court, 2012
9780199668526 Herring: Family Law, 2014
9780199239337 Lowe: International Law, 2015
9780198745624 Wacks: Law, 2015
9780199687008 Wacks: Philosophy of Law, 2014
9780199766000 White: American Legal History, 2013

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