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Adobe Express: Introduction Video (November 2022)


Session #3: Introduction Video (November)

For your final project, you will create an introduction video all about you. You may need to use this for an upcoming class or project, or you can just become familiar with some of the video editing capabilities in Adobe Express for future assignments.

STEP 1- Take some time to brainstorm and jot down your answers to the following categories. You can use Dom's answers as examples of what you might like to include.

Introduce Yourself

Hi my name’s Dom. I’m an Education Evangelist at Adobe which means I’m a teacher who brings traditional learning to life using creativity and digital skills.

Your background

I was born in Liverpool in 1981 and lived there until I went to study in Leeds. Since then, I’ve worked in places like Australia, France and Spain.


The thing I love to do most of all is anything in the sea. I love swimming, surfing and generally just being in or around the water.

Favourite Class or Subject

At work, I really enjoyed making my DigiDom video series as they gave me a way to be creative and also help other people to express themselves creatively.


I think one day I’d like to become a folk musician and play festivals while living in a campervan selling wooden clothes pegs on the side.


Thanks very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video.

STEP 2- In the following video Dom walks you through the steps he used to create his video in Adobe Express: