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About Adobe Express

All IRSC students and employees have free access to the entire Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Express is a web-based program and app to create "videos, flyers, resumes, banners, logos, and more with the new, all-in-one Adobe Express app for fast and easy content creation" (Adobe, 2023, para. 1).

Adobe Creative Campus

Adobe Express FAQs

Generative AI Tools

The current generative AI tools available in Adobe Express include:

  • Text to image - generate an image by writing a text prompt,
  • Text effects - generate text effects by writing a text prompt describing how the fill of the text, and
  • Generative fill - insert or replace objects in an image by writing a text prompt.

Show Off Your Creative Side

Post your work online and tag #IRSCCreativeCampus and the College might share it on the IRSC's social media channels or display it in an online gallery.

How to Use Adobe Express | Tutorial for Beginners in Under 5 Minutes

Adobe Express for Beginners

Designing Brochures in Adobe Express