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Adobe Express: Creative Identity Graphic (September 2022)


Brett Williams, librarian, Adobe Creative Express identity challenge. Image has Brett with his dog, Polly, in the center. Around Brett and Polly are phrases that describe Brett. He enjoys playing golf, never stops learning, loves boardgames, when he isn't in the library he is scuba diving, he has been a librarian for 10 years, he is an advocate for OER, his favorite foods are tacos, seafood, and Chinese food.


Session #1: My Creative Identity (September)

The first challenge is to create a creative identity graphic from a remix-able template. This is a new school year and a great time to develop your digital design skills and let people know who you are and what matters to you!

STEP 1- The following video gives an overview of the process:

STEP 2- The link below will take you to the remixable template. Click on 'Remix this Design' at the bottom and select 'Login with a School Account' when prompted by Adobe Express. Use your IRSC email address. Feel free to make as many design changes as you wish!