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Pioneer Connections: Adobe Express: My Dream Career (October)


Session #2: Dream Career (October)

It’s time to dream big about your future! What’s one dream job you’d consider? You might want to do a little research, or maybe you already have a career in mind! For this activity, you will create a vision board related to your future goals using Adobe Express using one of the many options from the template library.

STEP 1- Select a template. To get the one from the example I searched "vision board" and got several results to choose from. 

STEP 2- Once you have found a template. Replace the images with photos and graphics relevant to your future dreams. You can use the stock photos or upload your own. Click on images in the template and then select "Replace" to update the image of your choice. You can also make changes to the font, colors, and other design elements. Make sure to add some text describing your future plans.

If you are having trouble getting started with templates this quick overview might be helpful: