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Advanced Electronic Access to Information

ASSIGNMENT ONE: Research Self-Assessment

For your first assignment, perform a self-assessment of your current research skills. Please answer the following questions in a 500-700 word essay. There are no right or wrong answers, but correct spelling, grammar, and complete sentences are required. Due Wednesday, March 12. Submit your essay to your instructor by email.

  • When you look for information for your own use (i.e., not an academic project) how do you search for information? What are some of the websites that you trust?
  • When you're looking for information for a school project, how do you search for information? What are some of the websites/sources that you trust?
  • What types of social media websites do you use? What type of information do you find there?

Welcome to LIS 2005!

This course teaches advanced skills and strategies, and provides instruction in accessing information resources, including books, journals, newspapers, government documents, deep Web, media and other research material using online catalogs, databases, and the Internet. Analysis of Internet sites, effective search strategies, information literacy, annotated bibliographies, critical thinking skills, and citing electronic resources using APA/MLA are also addressed.

Program Outcome:   

The information literate student will be able to recognize an information need, conduct successful searches to fulfill the information need, evaluate the information gathered, and use information ethically.


Assignments will be included in each module of the class, and should be completed after viewing the course content. Spelling, grammar and complete sentences are required for full credit.

Read the directions of each assignment carefully for submission information. 

Assignment Name

Points Worth

Due Date

1.    Research Self Evaluation Introduction



2.    Student Research Paper Review



3.    Types of Sources (Multiple Choice)



4.    Evaluating Resources (Short Answer) 



5.    Library Databases  (Short Answer)



6.    Badges (Short Answer)



7.    Plagiarism Quiz (Multiple Choice)



8.    Final: Annotated Bibliography



**ALL assignments are due, either by email or through the LibGuide, by 11:59 p.m., April 25**