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LIS2005 : Final Project

Advanced Electronic Access to Information


Create an Information Timeline that shows that you are able to find credible, useful resources using different search techniquies.

Select a Topic

Find a subject that you think is interesting (future career, world event, etc.)

Find Sources

Based on the types of research we have gone over, select one resource of each type. 

  • 1 Website (.com or .org)
  • 1 Website (.edu or .gov)
  • 1 Popular Source (newspaper, magazine, ect. this source can be from the free web or the library database.)
  • 1 Scholarly Source (From the library database)
  • 1 Video (From library database, Films on Demand)

Provide information on each of your searches, including

  • What search tool did you use to find the information? 
  • What keywords did you use? You should also document any searches that weren't as successful. 
  • Why is this source credible? Evaluate based on the criteria we have discussed over the course of the class. 
  • What type of information is this source? Popular? Scholarly? 
  • Why would this be a valuable source for your research?

Each annotation should be between 100-200 words. 

Credit Sources

Create a citation for each of your sources in APA or MLA format.

Your final should be emailed to by Friday, April 25, at 11:59 p.m. through ANGEL