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LIS2005 : Types of Sources

Advanced Electronic Access to Information

Course Content: Types of Sources

Read the presentation below. 

WATCH: Wikipedia as a Source?

Wikipedia is a common search result for many questions in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Watch this video to learn more about Wikipedia as a source. 

Types of Sources

Now that you are familiar with different types of sources, it's time to see if you can identify them! Click on the links to each of the sources below, and identify the type of source and give a short explanation (1-2 sentences). Email your answers to 

Oprah Interviews J.K. Rowling

Poor sleep habits wear students thin

Health and Health-Related Behaviors: Minnesota Postsecondary Students

Romeo and Juliet

An Epic Showdown as Harry Potter Is Initiated Into Adulthood

The Fortuitous Dis-integration of an Integrated Library System