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Dental: Websites

This LibGuide is designed to assist IRSC students in the Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene, & Dental Lab Technician programs.

Dental Anatomy


Evidence-Based Practice

Definition: Applying the best available research results (evidence) when making decisions about health care. Health care professionals who perform evidence-based practice use research evidence along with clinical expertise and patient preferences. Systematic reviews (summaries of health care research results) provide information that aids in the process of evidence-based practice.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Safety Standards in Dentistry

Limit to a Domain in Google

When searching Google, you can limit your search to a US government website by typing in

along with your keywords. An example of a search using this limiter is statistics gum disease

Or any other domain that works for your research, some other examples include: OR

To include more than one domain limiter use this phrasing where both domains are included in the parentheses and the separator OR is between them, capitalized:

" OR"


Oral Health

Dental Statistics

Dental First Aid