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CSE Style Guide: Book with personal author(s)

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) style guide is designed for the natural and physical sciences. IRSC students writing in these disciplines can use this guide.

Book with One Author

Material Type In-Text Citation End Reference
Book with one author     (MacDonald 2007) MacDonald RG. 2007. Biochemistry. New York (NY): McGraw Hill.
Book with two authors    (McKee T and McKee JT 2009)        McKee T, McKee JR. 2009. Biochemistry: the molecular basis of life. 4th ed. New York (NY): Oxford University Press.
Book with three or more authors  (Bowsher et al. 2008) Bowsher C, Steer M, Tobin A. 2008. Plant biochemistry. New York (NY): Garland Science.
Electronic book (Web) (King 1981) King JC. 1981. The biology of race [Internet]. Berkeley (CA): University of California Press; [cited 2010 Dec 8]. Available from:
Electronic book (College database) (Carlson 2010) Carlson RH. 2010. Biology is technology: the promise, peril, and new business of engineering life [Internet]. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press; [cited 2011 Jan 25]. Available from NetLibrary: 
(Williams and Johnson 2008) Williams R, Johnson P. 2008. Genetic policing: the use of DNA in chemical investigations [Internet]. Portland (OR): Willan Publishing; [cited 2010 Nov 30]. Available from NetLibrary:
eBook reader (McRae 2006) McRae C. 2006. Fathers of biology [eReader]. [Place unknown]: Public Domain Books. Nook.
(Carlson 2011) Carlson RH. 2011. Biology is technology: the promise, peril, and new business of engineering life. [eReader]. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press. Kindle.