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About IRSC Libraries

College Archives

IRSC College Archives are located at the Main Campus Library. The collection contains items of historical significance to Indian River State College as well as copies of doctoral dissertations published by IRSC employees. We welcome additional dissertations and items of specific archival interest. Annual reports, programs for special events, accreditation reports, and brochures are just some of the items we collect. Please send contributions to Mia Tignor. Contact the library staff at 462-7600 for assistance with archival materials.

Institutional Repository

Guidelines for Submission into Indian River State College's Institutional Repository

To qualify for inclusion in Indian River State College's Institutional Repository, materials must either: 

  1. make some contribution to the body of research 
  2. be an original creative work (or a facsimile thereof)
  3. comprise part of the teaching and learning process
  4. represent a significant part of the institutional record of the university, or
  5. constitute a primary resource for further research and learning. 

Some examples of acceptable materials include: 

  • journal articles 

  • books 

  • conference papers 

  • presentation slides or videos 

  • poster presentations 

  • technical reports 

  • field notes 

  • data sets 

  • theses and dissertations 

  • maps, charts, graphs, drawings, or diagrams 

  • photos and images 

  • audio and video recordings 

  • original creative works (writing, visual materials, music, choreography, etc.) 

  • musical scores 

  • bibliographies 

  • syllabi 

  • handouts 

  • recorded lectures, discussions, or events 

  • tests or other assessment tools 

  • university publications 

  • student works of excellence 


IRSC Libraries reserves the right to remove content and deny inclusion of content.

IRSC Libraries have digitized some institutional archival and local cultural heritage artifacts and included them in our online Digital and Archival Collections