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Textbooks: Online Textbook Reserve

Texbook Reserve Information

IRSC Online Textbook Reserves

Due to the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, IRSC Libraries have started a new online textbook reserve program in order to limit the spread of the virus but still provide resources necessary for student success. IRSC's textbook reserves are a highly utilized collection that enables students to check out a copy for in-library use.

In normal times, multiple students often check out the same title throughout the day, as they move between assignments or go to and from their classes. However, guidelines from the Northeast Document Conservation Center recommend at least three days quarantine between checkouts to limit virus spread, which makes this traditional model unwise for our students in this current environment. 

In order to meet our student's needs, IRSC Libraries will utilize the concept of controlled digital lending, in which a library "circulate[s] a digitized title in place of a physical one in a controlled manner" (Hansen & Courtney, 2018, p. 2). In other words, if the library holds a single print copy of a book in our collection, one student can 'check out' a digital copy instead, as long as there are restrictions on the downloading and saving of the documents. 

How it Works:

  1. Request a digital loan through the Textbook Reserve Request Form. You must provide a valid email address you can log into to be given access to a title. 
  2. Once your loan is confirmed, a librarian will grant you access to the textbook for a set loan time of four hours. At the end of this time period, your access will expire in order to allow other students to use the title. See below for additional information about loan times and restrictions. 
  3. Fill out Request a Textbook Purchase Form to request the IRSC Libraries acquire unavailable textbooks (not all requests can be filled).


  • This program is only available to current, enrolled IRSC students. 
  • Students may check out one textbook at at time, once a day. This means if you need to use two different textbooks, you can check out each one once a day. 
  • Textbook loans are first come, first serve. 
  • Downloading, printing, and saving textbook content is strictly prohibited under Copyright Law.