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MLA Style Guide, 8th & 9th Editions: Works Cited Examples

This LibGuide reflects the changes to MLA style as directed by the MLA Handbook, Eighth & Ninth Editions.

About Examples in this Guide

Examples in this guide are from the MLA Handbook Eighth and Ninth Editions and the IRSC librarians.

Use the drop-down box under 'Works Cited Examples' to find the example that you need.

Correcting Works Cited Citations from Database Cite Tool

Most databases include a Cite Tool you can use to copy and paste the MLA Works Cited citation for that article into your Works Cited page. These provided citations are a great starting point, however, the tools often include small mistakes and you will need to reformat your citation once you've pasted it into your Works Cited page.

Cite Tool
Cite Tool in JSTOR
Paste with Keep Text Only

Paste by selecting Keep Text Only

The citation below has been pasted and corrected. Paste into your Works Cited page by selecting Keep Text Only. This way you can avoid copying over any unwanted formatting, but you will lose some necessary formatting like italics. After pasting, check for and correct any errors in the actual citation. There are often problems with names and capitalization. In this example, the only issue with the citation itself is that JSTOR is listed twice.

Select the entire citation and make sure the font is Times New Roman 12 points in black, no bolding or underlining. Make sure the citation is double-spaced and includes a hanging indent. Check the containers, which are the journal title and the database name, for italics and add if needed.

Corrected from Cite Tool
Corrected and Reformatted Citation