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Chicago Citation Style Guide: Book with Editor(s)

Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, rules for formatting citations using the Author/Date and Footnote/Endnote Bibliography styles.

Books with Editor(s)

Material Type Footnote/Endnote Bibliography

Book with editors

Gabriele Marasco, ed., 

Greek and Roman Historiography in Late Antiquity: Fourth to Sixth Century A.D (Boston: Brill, 2003), vii.


Marasco, Gabriele, ed. Greek and Roman Historiography in Late Antiquity: Fourth to Sixth Century. Boston: Brill, 2003. 

Chapter from a book with editors Danielle Bossaert, "Luxembourg: Flexible and Pragmatic Adaptation," in Fifteen Into One?, ed.  Wolfgang Wessels, Andreas Maurer, and Jürgen Mittag (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003), 300.

​Bossaert, Danielle. "Luxembourg: Flexible and Pragmatic Adaptation," in Fifteen Into One?, 298-314. Edited by Wolfgang Wessels, Andreas Maurer, and Jürgen Mittag. Manchester Manchester University Press, 2003.