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Abortion and Reproductive Rights: Books, Articles, Videos, and Websites

Searching for Sources

IRSC Libraries and our partner public library systems offer many resources on the topics of abortion, birth control, and reproductive rights, laws, and ethics.

If you are looking for print books or ebooks on these topics, you can search within RiverSearch by keyword set to Library Catalog.

RiverSearch for Library Catalog by keyword "abortion"

If you are in need of articles, try RiverSearch set to Articles or search within an individual database.

RiverSearch for Articles using keyword "abortion"

If you're looking for videos, Films on Demand is the best database to search.

Search in Films on Demand for keyword "abortion"

For web resources, see the links on the other pages of this guide and try Google, Google Scholar, and YouTube searches by keyword.

Suggested keywords include:

  • abortion
  • reproductive rights
  • fetal rights
  • bodily autonomy
  • family planning
  • birth control
  • pro-choice or pro-life
  • right to choose or right to life
  • Roe v. Wade
  • Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization
  • heartbeat bill

Books from the Library Catalog


Opposing Viewpoints is a good database to search if you are looking for opinions or "viewpoints" on a current events issue like abortion.

CQ Researcher is similar to Opposing Viewpoints and a great place to get an overview of a topic.

Academic Search Complete is a giant, multidisciplinary database. Filter by Full Text and Peer Reviewed if you need scholarly articles for an assignment.


The Guttmacher Institute researches abortion policies and access. They are a great source of current information and statistics.

PubMed is a great (and free!) source of high-quality medical articles.

For patient information, visit the websites linked on the Information for Patients tab.

For clinician or researcher information, see websites linked on the Information for Clinicians and Researchers tab.