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Streaming Videos in Swank: Swank Basics

Just a Sample of the Movies Available for Purchase


What is SWANK Digital Campus?

SWANK Digital Campus provides streaming access to feature films. Films may be shown in class or assigned to enrolled students to view outside of class. The films do not have public performance rights. This means films are to be viewed asynchronously. You cannot show a class a movie via Zoom or Collaborate without Public Performance Rights. If you have questions on what you can and cannot do, please email the library at

Films are licensed for one year from the date it is added to the portal.

3 Ways Students May Watch a Film Through Swank

Faculty can provide students with either:

Share a Direct Link:

  • allowing you to copy the direct link URL that would take a user directly to the page to watch the movie

Embed a Link in Blackboard:

  • Follow the instructions in the box titled "Tips for Posting Film in Blackboard" to embed the movie link into a Blackboard assignment


How Do I Watch a Film?

IRSC Students and Faculty can see a list of movies from Swank Digital Campus currently available for teaching and learning at IRSC and can watch the movies individually on a computer or mobile device, from this webpage: Swank Movies @ IRSC. 


Viewers must authenticate with their MyPioneerPortal credentials prior to watching the movies.


  • Mobile devices: to play content on your mobile device, download the free video player by searching for "Swank Media Player" in Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • Computer browsers: For Apple Mac users (Mac OS X plus the 2 previous versions), supported browsers include Chrome and Firefox. Safari is not supported. For Microsoft Windows users, supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer(IE), and Microsoft Edge.

Tips For Posting Films in Blackboard

Want to include movies in your Blackboard courses? 

Your students will be able to access and stream the film from Blackboard on and off-campus

  1. Click on the movie of choice, Click on the button labeled "Share" and "Copy LMS Link". Note: use the LMS Link in Blackboard only, do not post an LMS link on any publicly accessible websites it is for use behind our Course Management System login page for copyright purposes.