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What is Justice? Project

In fall 2018, students were asked to listen to the popular podcast Serial, and to consider a single question: “what is justice?” from three perspectives--English, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. Students then explored that question by creating their own podcast episode.

The intent of the project is that students will have the opportunity to fully explore this question that many in the field of criminal justice consider, but few think they have the “right” answer. Which means that for this assignment, there is no one “right” answer, but rather it is a process of exploration that builds on the presentations in the classroom and outside research.

The creation of a podcast also lets students walk away a tangible demonstration of their efforts. They will be able to show this work product to future employers and/or admissions directions in their future graduate careers.

See the full assignment here.

WQCS: NPR for the Treasure Coast is the future home of What Is Justice. Check back to listen to student-created podcast episodes.

Scripting Resources

Podcasting Resources

Project Faculty

Kate Bradford, Esq.
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice


Dr. Matthew Brooks
Professor, English/Communication/Modern Languages


Dr. Kate Piatchek
Master Instructor, English/Communication/Modern Languages


Dr. Bryan Reuther
Assistant Professor, Human Services


Mia Tignor
Emerging Technologies Librarian/Assistant Professor