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Sustainability: College Initiatives

CCG Programs - Local Impact

College Initiatives

  • Bookstore - River Shop uses recyclable, cloth bags for bookstore purchases.  
  • RiverSupport - An online tool identifying available resources for students with challenges or barriers to academic success, e.g., food, transportation, Veterans services. 

College Degree and Certificate programs

CCG Programs - Nationwide Impact

Lectures and Educational Events

See the Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning website to learn more.


“The Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning at Indian River State College, is designed for men and women age 50 and better who are interested in exploring shared topics of interest in a college atmosphere."


The Mueller campus hosts a popular lifelong learning class called “The Distinguished Lecture Series on Current Issues.” The series hosts an expert in a field of study to give a presentation to attendees, one area of focus is the environment.