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Library Login: Frequently Asked Questions

The IRSC Libraries have transitioned to a new discovery integrated library system on July 13, 2021. Since that time the way that students and employees sign in and use online library materials has changed. If you are experiencing problems, see below.

IRSC Libraries no longer use a separate login. Use your MyPioneerPortal credentials to access your library account and the databases. If you see the MyPioneerPortal log in screen and your credentials are not accepted keep scrolling for additional information.

You have an old link that needs to be updated or you need to clear your cache on your browser. Keep scrolling for additional information.

The statewide consortium has changed the way students and staff authenticate into the libraries' online databases. We have been updating our links to the new authentication system for an entire year and now we have changed to a new discovery system and no longer have access to fix any expired accounts. All students and employees need to use the MyPioneerPortal login to access online library materials.

MyPioneerPortal log in screen




If you have used the old login for the databases, you may experience trouble when first starting out with the new login. If you encounter an error when accessing library links and you are using MyPioneerPortal, try opening an incognito window and copying and pasting the link into it. To permanently fix this issue, clear out your cache on your browser.

Watch this video to see how to clear your cache or open an incognito window:

If you receive an error (see below) that says "Oops," please contact and tell them you receive the Oops error when trying to log into the libraries' databases.