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Expanding Horizons SMART Goals: Home

Session Overview

What is a SMART goal?


After you have decided on your goal, customize a template with your own SMART Goal.

Click on 'Remix this Design' and select 'Login with a School Account' when prompted by Adobe Express. Use your IRSC email address.

SMART Goal Overview

Here are some things to consider when writing your SMART goal. Make sure your goal is SMART:

  • Specific: Is the goal linked to one activity or one thought?

  • Measurable: Can I plot my progress on a graph? Can I say how much I’ve improved from the previous day or week?

  • Actionable: What task or action will I be doing? Can I draw a picture of someone doing that action?

  • Realistic: Are there examples of people who have achieved this level of success in this amount of time? What are some obstacles I might face along the way? Would any of those obstacles stop me in my tracks?

  • Timely: Did I include a set time period in which I want to achieve my goal? Days? Weeks? Months?