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Foundation Center at IRSC

The Foundation Center Funding Information Network is an on-campus database that allows users to search for grants and grant makers (companies that award grants to organizations). You can use this database to see if there are local organizations that have provided funding to law enforcement agencies in the past so you can apply for similar funding in the future. 

The best way to search the Network is by identifying a specific need and searching it with a geographic location. For example try the below on the front page of the database:

police training in Florida

This will bring you to a page with information on grants that have already been funded, organizations that have received grants, and much more. You might want to start your exploration by clicking on the grants box below the main search results:

You can then click on the grant amount in the list to see what project or program was funded, who funded them, and any other additional information. At this point you can Google the name of any grant or organization using some of the search internet search strategies on this page. 


Remember, this database will only work when you are on an IRSC campus. Remote access is not available from home computers. Send yourself an email through the database with any information you might need to complete your assignment if you would like to work at home!

Searching the Internet for Grants

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed with information on the web. Google allows you to specify types of sites that you can search. To look for grant opportunities for police and first responders, you can format your searches as seen below to narrow your results only to specific types of websites. The format limits the search to non-profit organizations, many of which might fund grants. To do a similar search for government (.gov) organizations that provide grant opportunities, simply replace .org with .gov.

Try these sample searches: grant and police and the current year (2019)

OR grant police and current year (2019)

You might also want to add specific needs in the search to make it more narrow. For example, a great search for finding grants from federal organizations for firearms might be: grant and police and firearms

eBooks about Grant Writing

Other Grant Websites