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One Book, One College: FrankenZone Activities

Create Your Own Monster

Create an updated e-cover of the Frankenstein novel using your imagination! 

This cover, created by Christian Birkett, Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Media, from Stuart, Florida, shows an unexpected version of the classic monster.

Thinking about a flat head, bolt-necked monster? That image of Frankenstein is still under copyright, and shouldn't be used. How many versions of the Frankenstein's monster can you create without using those characteristics? 

Universal Pictures claims the copyright for the Frankenstein image with which we are most familiar. The following features cannot be used when you are creating your version of Frankenstein's creature. 

  • Green skin
  • Flat top head
  • Scarred forehead
  • Neck bolts
  • Jutting forehead


Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein during a writing workshop. November is National Novel Writers Month.

FrankenZone Events @ our Kickoffs!

  • Play a round of Frankenstein Jeopardy to see if you are a FrankenExpert.
  • Selfies with Frankenstein: Take your picture with Frankenstein's creature.
  • Draw a Scene! Use your artistic talents to render your image of Frankenstein's creature. (Easel and markers)
  • Learn about eBooks: Want a copy of Frankenstein on your phone? Learn how to download eBooks and eAudiobooks. 


Submit a video depicting some aspect of Frankenstein and upload it to YouTube to win great prizes!