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Federal Documents: Learning About Federal Documents


If you are interested in a presentation discussing the value of Federal documents for academic, professional, and personal purposes; contact IRSC Libraries.

Instructional requests for IRSC courses (face to face and virtual)

Other presentation requests - please contact us ( with details and suggested dates.

Examples of presentations outside the classroom:

  • Florida College System Council on Instructional Affairs: Learning Resources Standing Committee: IPEDS (2015)
  • Association of Florida Colleges IRSC Chapter Luncheon: Celebrating 40 years as a Federal Depository Library (2015)
  • IRSC Lifelong Learning Institute: Plants 1014: Can You Dig It? Natives and Herbs in Florida (2014, 2015)
  • Association of Florida Colleges IRSC Chapter Luncheon: Florida Government and Statistics: Legislative Tools Overview (2014)
  • Florida College System Council on Instructional Affairs: Learning Resources Standing Committee: Life's Credentials: Digital Badges at IRSC (Hurricane Hunter badge) (2014)
  • IRSC River Venture Business Plan Competition: Business Development and Statistical Resources (2014)
  • IRSC Faculty Learning Symposium: When your Harlem Shake Causes a Copyright Takedown: Understanding Intellectual Property in Virtual Learning (2013)

Learning about Federal Documents

IRSC is pleased to promote access to and use of federal documents through numerous methods:

  • Cataloging of federal documents in the Library's open public access catalog
  • FDLP decal on the Miley Library doors and webpages
  • Freely accessible collection
  • Grants research
  • Inclusion of federal documents on the instructional research session topics
  • Promotion of federal documents through presentations, instructional sessions, reference and referral services, and interlibrary loan
  • Provision of reference assistance to all community members
  • Web presence, both on the IRSC website and the IRSC LibGuides website

Videos about Federal Documents

Check YouTube for other videos related to federal documents, federal agencies, and federal careers.

U.S. Government Printing Office: Working with Libraries