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Criminal Justice: Articles


When searching databases, use various combinations of keywords to exhaust your search possibilities. No database is "smart." The database simply searches for the words you type.

Make your search state specific by adding the word Florida to any of the keywords below.



criminal justice system

false confession

corrections officer

parole officer

 probation officer


Using an asterisk after a root word tells a database to look for that word and any word that can be build upon it. For example, confess* will return results for confess, confessed, confession, confessions.


The pound symbol (#) is used in many databases as a wildcard. You can use this symbol to search variant spellings of a word. For example, wom#n will return results for woman and women.

Phrase Searching

Use quotation marks around two or more words to limit your search to only that phrase. For example, "heart attack" will only return results that contain that exact phrase. 

Scholarly versus Popular

Scholarly articles are:

in-depth |  written by experts   validated with technical language, abstracts, literature reviews, methodologies, tables, graphs, and conclusions |  reviewed by experts | given a bibliography

Popular articles are:

brief overviews of topics |  written by journalists |  easily read by most people |  illustrated with colorful photographs or pictures reviewed by editors | not given a bibliography

Recommended Databases

Many of the databases listed under the "Social Sciences" heading in the Library's list of databases by subject will contain scholarly articles on criminal justice topics. Here are direct links to just a few.  Remember to choose FULL TEXT when available. 

Database Login for Students

To log in to the databases, you will use the same Rivermail e-mail address and password you set up to log into MyPioneerPortal. First-time users of MyPioneerPortal can create their password by following the instructions you receive in your activation email. To reset your password, select "Need help signing in." The librarians cannot reset MyPioneerPortal passwords, if you need additional assistance visit the tutorial on MyPioneerPortal. 

MyPioneerPortal Login

How to Log in to Databases