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LIT1000 Glover Jon Mueller: Home

A research guide for Dr. Glover's LIT1000 students at the Mueller Campus.

Your Literary Analysis Paper

Welcome to the LibGuide for Dr. Glover's LIT1000 course. This guide provides a selection of books and databases that will help you find scholarly sources for your literary analysis paper. Your paper requires 5 scholarly sources.

If you need additional help finding sources or formatting your paper in MLA style, contact the Reference Librarian at the Brackett Library.

Share Your Topic

Share your topic with the class by clicking here to open Padlet in another tab. Click the plus sign in the bottom right corner and write your research topic on a stickie. It will be displayed on the big screen.

Something You'd Like to Learn More About

We've discussed the library's resources, how to contact a librarian for help, and how to find articles for your literary analysis paper. Is there anything else you want to learn about the library today? Click here and write down one question you have or one thing you'd like to hear more about before we wrap up today.

LIT1000 Research Session Presentation




What is plagiarism?

"The act of claiming someone else's work as your own."

Remember: Everything you find has been created by someone else.

Here are some examples of plagiarism:

Failing to cite when you copy and paste

Failing to cite when you reword what someone else has said or written

Failing to cite when you take information from the Web

Reusing a paper that you have written in another course (self-plagiarism)