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Secondary Resources: Frankenstein


When searching the databases or the Internet for information try a combination of keywords related to your topic.

  • bioethics, ethics, ethical dilemms, morals, morality, moral decision, moral discernment
  • autonomy, autonomous, patient decisions
  • religion, religious beliefs, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, spirituality, prayer
  • human experimentation, ethical principles, human dignity, sanctity, medical research, torture
  • minor, children, babies, elderly, mental illness, disabled persons
  • terminally ill, terminal care, end of life, euthanasia, palliative care

Streaming Video

Access videos through the Libraries' streaming video database. Login to the eResources and find Films on Demand listed under Digital Videos.

Borrower ID=Student ID (or PID)

PIN=MMDD (Month and Day of birth)

Other streaming video titles include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Designer Babies: The Dangers of Corporate Genetics
  • Medical Lottery and Bioethics
  • The Ethics of Biotechnology
  • Money-Driven Medicine
  • Walk in Our Shoes: Speaking Out about Sterilization
  • Legalize Assisted Suicide: A Debate
  • Historical Debates on Euthanasia
  • Weighing the Decision: The Ethics and Science of Stem Cell Research

Print Resources

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