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Intelligent Lives & Disability Awareness Day: Home

A photo of the Intelligent Lives movie cover, a movie about young people with disabilities.

Join IRSC Libraries, Student Accessibility Services, Best Buddies, and local community groups for a viewing of Intelligent Lives in celebration of Disability Awareness Day on February 4, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. on the IRSC Main Campus in V-110. 

Intelligent Lives Trailer

Disability Advocacy Playlist


This playlist is adapted from Steven E. Brown's amazing
"My Top 25 Disability Pride Songs".  Visit his
website, Institute on Disability Culture, for more
information about disability advocacy.


He says about this playlist:

"I included a variety of genres, cultures, and countries,
because musicians with disabilities are creating in all
of them and because, with international access, those
of us in the U.S have access to, and are influenced by,
what is happening all over the world. While compiling
this list, I realized once again how many songs of our
lives are out there and how many are yet to
be experienced."