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Grants: Data Sets

Discovering Data Sets

This guide is designed to help you discover data sets, manipulatable raw data, and statistics. Many high-quality sources of data sets are freely available online. This guide includes both free repositories and those that charge a fee for data. Data-intensive databases, useful for discovering statistics, are limited to IRSC students, faculty, and staff. 

You may navigate through these guide using the tabs on the top.

You will find useful sources for data sets for free online. However, the list is not complete. You can find your own sources of information by searching Google. Use the following shortcut to narrow down your Google search to websites available from the US government or published by a non-profit organization by typing in your keywords plus this shortcut:

That is site colon dot gov (or org or mil or edu, etc.). This helpful shortcut allows you to find United States government (or non-profit or the US military or an educational institution) resources on your given topic.