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Keyword Construction

The key to doing great research is the creation of appropriate keywords. Many of the databases require keywords instead of complete sentences to return great results, so having a strong hypothesis is important so you can break it into appropriate keywords.

For example, if you are looking for information on how natural disasters like hurricanes impact oil prices and supply and demand, you might want to create a search string that looks like this:

hurricane AND "oil prices" AND demand

If you're looking for articles that discuss Amazon's monopoly in the grocery business with the purchase of Whole Foods, you might want to perform a search like this: 

Amazon AND monopoly AND grocery

News and Economic Websites


Search Phrases: 

AND- Connects

OR- either/or

Not- Negates (removes search term)

Key Limiters for Databases: 

Limit date- after 2013 or between 2013-2018

Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals

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