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Dental: Video

This LibGuide is designed to assist IRSC students in the Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene, & Dental Lab Technician programs.

IRSC Media

Video can be checked-out at all campus library locations. If you are a student taking a class at another IRSC campus, arrangements can be made to send the IRSC items to the campus of your choice. The media collection housed at the Main Campus is intended to support the classroom experience rather than provide entertainment value. Search for a keyword in the IRSC catalog and then limit your results to Media.

Dental Images

  • To locate dental images, check a search engine that offers an image database, like Google Images
  • Include dental OR dentistry as part of your search. 
    • You might consider using a wildcard or truncation symbol (*). This symbol is used to help you search all the occurrences of your term without typing each one. For example, dentist* can be used to search for dentist, dentists, dentistry, etc. 
  • You might also want to limit your search results to government agencies or professional organizations. If so, include OR in your search. 
  • Add keywords to your search identifying terms you want to locate, such as implant OR incisor OR molar.
  • If your keyword is a phrase, add quotation marks to it. "Oral health" OR "oral hygiene" are examples of searching by phrase. 
  • A sample search might look like:
    • dentist* OR dental "oral hygiene" "implant*) OR
  • Assess your search results carefully before utilizing the content. 

ADA: Dental Minutes

Click a topic below to watch a short video.

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