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Copyright and Plagiarism: Publishing

Information for authors, researchers, and faculty looking to publish scholarly works and join the scholarly communication community.

Track Author/Article Impact

Authors and researchers can track the impact of their publications using free online tools. An author's impact can be measured and demonstrated by traditional citation analysis: how many other researchers cite the author's work or by altmetrics: how much the author's work is viewed, saved, and discussed online.

Citation Analysis

Citation Counts/Citation Analysis: an author or article's impact can be assessed by finding out the number of times other authors cite the original author's works.

Free citation analysis tools are listed below.

IRSC/Open Access Databases with limited Citation Counts


Altmetrics: alternative metrics that demonstrate an article or author's impact with qualitative data about storage, links, bookmarks, conversations, and media mentions online.

Some tools to track your altmetrics are listed below.


Whitelist of Open Access Publishers and Journals

Rather than tell you those that are bad, you can use these websites to find open access journals that have received a mark of approval.

Beyond Beall's List

Scholarly communications librarian, Jeffery Beall, maintained a very popular and well-respected "blacklist" of open access journals and publishers suspected of being predatory. That list was recently taken down. You can read more about it in this article from the Association of College and Research Libraries. When searching for a reputable open access journal or publisher, it is recommended to consult the DOAJ and OASPA websites listed above.

SPARC Author Addendum

SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) is an organization made up of over 200 American and Canadian libraries. Its mission is "to enable the open sharing of research outputs and educational materials in order to democratize access to knowledge, accelerate discovery, and increase the return on our investment in research and education." SPARC members "use the resources and support provided by SPARC to actively promote Open Access to scholarly articles, the open sharing of research data, and the creation and adoption of Open Educational Resources on their campuses."

SPARC urges authors to retain their copyrights by using the Addendum to Publication Agreement (linked above) when making agreements with publishers. Authors do not have to sign publisher's Publishing Agreements or Copyright Transfer Agreements without making changes or attaching an addendum. 

Visit the SPARC website to learn more.

Learn about copyright and publishing contracts from the Columbia Law School.

Learn more about author's rights and how to retain yours by visiting this Author's Rights Research Guide created by the University of Illinois at Chicago.