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MAN4046 Chandler Arlene Mueller: Articles

Database Login for Students

To log in to the databases, you will use the same Rivermail e-mail address and password you set up to log into MyPioneerPortal. First-time users of MyPioneerPortal can create their password by following the instructions you receive in your activation email. To reset your password, select "Need help signing in." The librarians cannot reset MyPioneerPortal passwords, if you need additional assistance visit the tutorial on MyPioneerPortal. 

MyPioneerPortal Login

How to Log in to Databases

Search Tips

Truncation  Add an asterisk (*) to a root word to expand your search. For example, searching with the term femin* will result in articles containing the keywords feminist, feminism, feminine.

Limiting   Limit your results by searching for full text, peer reviewed, date, and other limiters


Scholarly versus Popular

Scholarly articles are:

in-depth |  written by experts   validated with technical language, abstracts, literature reviews, methodologies, tables, graphs, and conclusions |  reviewed by experts | given a bibliography

Popular articles are:

brief overviews of topics |  written by journalists |  easily read by most people |  illustrated with colorful photographs or pictures reviewed by editors | not given a bibliography

Search for Articles using Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

To add the FIND TEXT @ IRSC link to your search results, click the bars (also called a hamburger icon)Google Scholar Advanced Options in the top left then click Settings. Next, click on Library Links. Type in Indian River State College and click the magnifying glass and then place a checkmark in the box next to the results and click Save. 

Recommended Business Databases

The following are recommended business databases. Login to the IRSC Libraries to search these databases.

Recommended Multidisciplinary Databases

The following are recommended multidisciplinary databases. While multidisciplinary databases cover many subjects, they contain articles related to business topics and from business journals, as well.

Scholarly Journals

Here are examples of "academic" management journals that can be found in the IRSC Libraries business databases. You can access the articles in these journals anywhere you have an internet connection by logging in with your student ID and library PIN.

Academy of Management Journal

(Business Source Complete database)

April 1, 1958 - Current

Description: Original articles and research notes that develop, test or advance management theory and practice for members of the Academy of Management.

Academy of Management Learning & Education

(Business Source Complete database)

September 1, 2002 - Current

Description: Features a wide range of materials devoted to management education in colleges and universities, and all organizations that formally foster learning about management.

Academy of Management Perspectives

(Business Source Complete database)

February 1, 1987 - Current

Description: Provides accessible articles about important issues concerning management & business.

Academy of Strategic Management Journal

(Academic OneFile Gale database)

January 1, 2002 - Current

Description: Publishes theoretical and empirical manuscripts on strategic management and organizational leadership to expand the exchange of ideas and insights that further the understanding of leadership.

Administrative Science Quarterly

(Business Source Complete database)

June 1, 1956 - Current

Description: Articles that advance understanding, address administration or have mutual relevance for empirical investigation and theoretical analysis that advance the understanding of administration.

Advanced Management Journal

(Business Source Complete database)

January 1, 1965 - Current

Description: Features articles by business professionals on Business in real world settings.

California Management Review

(Business Source Complete database)

September 1, 1958 - Current

Description: Focused on bridging communication between those who study management and those who practice it.

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education

(Business Source Complete database)

March 1, 2003 - Current (with a 12 month embargo on the latest issues)

Description: Coverage of research relevant to teaching and learning issues in the decision sciences - the union of the quantitative and behavioral approaches to managerial decision making, encompassing all of the functional areas of business.

Journal of Applied Psychology

(Business Source Complete database)

February 1, 1987 - Current (with a 6 month embargo on the latest issues)

Description: Original investigations in any field of applied psychology aimed at psychologists in universities, industry, government, urban affairs, police and correctional systems, health and educational institutions and consumer affairs.

Strategic Management Journal

(Business Source Complete database)

January 1, 1980 - Current (with a 12 month embargo on the latest issues)

Description: Original material concerned with all aspects of strategic management, book reviews, communications, editorial comments and invited papers on practices and developments in strategic management; forum for advancing strategic management theory and practice.

Business Periodicals - Newspapers and Trade Magazines

Some well-known business newspapers and trade magazines can be found online in the databases and in print at College libraries.

Bloomberg Businessweek


Florida Trend



IBD Weekly (formerly Investor's Business Daily)


  • in print at Brackett Library (Mueller Campus)

New York Times

Wall Street Journal 

  • in print at Brackett Library (Mueller Campus)