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History: Websites

Find recommended resources for history students.

Finding Credible Websites

When searching Google, you can limit your search to a US government, educational, or non-profit website by typing in                        

along with your keywords. An example of a search using this limiter is Nazi war crimes Nazi war crimes Nazi war crimes

Al Jazeera

The Al Jazeera America website has world news stories, video, and audio. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or Google+ to receive news updates in your social media feeds.

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Evaluate Your Sources

Whenever you conduct research for any course the information you find should be evaluated for:

  • Currency (is the information up to date?)
  • Relevancy (is the information relevant to your topic/subject/assignment?)
  • Authority (is the author identified and have the proper credentials to make such claims?)
  • Bias (does the author/organization/publication have a stake in providing only one side of an argument?)

The information in this LibGuide has been evaluated for these criteria and are more scholarly than what you might find in a simple Google search. However, you should always evaluate the information you use in any assignment.

BBC World News

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website provides world news to its readers. Click on a story below to read more. Or go to the website to find more new stories in print, video, and audio formats.

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