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MKA2104 Marcelle Edie Mueller : Home

This guide is designed to assist students starting their research in Professor Marcelle's Principles of Visual Merchandising course.

Principles of Visual Merchandising (MKA2104)


Identify and explain display design principles

Identify and explain the important display properties of color

Develop effective display show cards

Design and assemble an effective interior display

Evaluate interior and window displays objectively

Identify specific objectives of displays and relate these to company goals

Compile an professional portfolio of effective display work 

PPT Presentation

See some good and bad examples of visual merchandising.

Finding Visual Merchandising Information

The Web

A wealth of merchandising information is available on the Web. You can check out some of the websites in this guide. But, if you are exploring on your own, make sure you evaluate everything you find. Check for bias and authenticity and always identify the source.

IRSC Library Databases

College databases contain full-text access to hundreds of business magazines and journals. Many of the articles contained in these publications are not freely available on the Web. Here are examples of magazines and journals in our databases that cover aspects of visual merchandising:

  • Display Design Ideas (DDI)
  • Journal of Advertising
  • Women's Wear Daily

Visual Merchandising

Here is a short video from Yankee Candle that reviews some basic display fundamentals.

Just for Fun

These publications reflect how merchandising has changed over the years.


This historic book, written by W.O. Woodward and published in 1921, includes practical chapters on the psychology of the window displays, color harmony, and lithography. Click the page below.


This guide was published by Iowa State University in 1991.

Visual Merchandising: A Guide for Small Retailers