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Copyright and Plagiarism: IRSC Learning Management System

Information for authors, researchers, and faculty looking to publish scholarly works and join the scholarly communication community.

IRSC Checklists

Assume that all content is copyright protected.

Although you may have permission to use content, note that there are conditions detailing usage parameters.


 IRSC Course Management System Copyright Checklist  (Submit this virtual form to the library for assistance.)

Copyright on Campus

"Welcome to Copyright on Campus, an excellent resource for librarians, faculty and students who are interested in the impact of copyright law upon higher education."


Informational Links

Columbia University Libraries Copyright Advisory Office webpages

These webpages provide a wonderful overview of many copyright related topics. You will find information, forms, resources, scenarios, checklists, podcasts, permissions, and more.They are being "Used under a Creative Commons BY-NC license from the Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University, Kenneth D. Crews, director."  Mr. Crews is a noted copyright expert.


The following links will take you to the IRSC LibGuide pages that provide you more detail about these topics.

Copyright Act

Creative Commons

Fair Use


Public Domain

U.S. Federal Documents

Other related copyright topics

What can the library do for you?

The professionals at the IRSC LIbraries can assist you with your copyright needs and inquiries.

 Examples include:

  • Locate alternative content
  • Search for licensing conditions or terms of use
  • Help review your curriculum for potential copyright pitfalls
  • Assist in the creation of alternate methods of accessing content
  • and more!