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Copyright and Plagiarism: Permission

Information for authors, researchers, and faculty looking to publish scholarly works and join the scholarly communication community.

Sample Permission Letters

If you need to locate sample permission letters, conduct an Internet search.

  1. Go to Google or another search engine of your choice
  2. Input the following search terms: obtaining copyright permission "sample letters"
  3. Review the many selections available from our friends at other academic institutions

Steps to Take

1. If you need to use a copyright protected item, seek permission for its use immediately.

2. You will need to share as much bibliographic detail as you are able (author, title, translator, physical book description, directory information about the individual or group assumed to be the owner, etc.).

·          Consult IRSC librarians if you need assistance in locating any of these details.

3. You will also need to include specifics on how you intend to use the material.

·          Which material will be used? Identify chapters, page numbers, etc.

·          How many copies do you need to make of the material?

·          How long do you need the permission to last?

·          How do you intend to disseminate the information – traditional classroom, online classroom, physical copy, PDF in a password protected environment, newsletter, departmental webpage, YouTube, etc.?

·          Is this content available at no charge to the student?

·          Will the institution or the faculty be using the content for commercial gain at some point now or in the future?

·          Is this content password protected behind a firewall of some type?

·          How will you credit the original source? Is there a specific statement that you will include to give credit?

4. The publisher usually has a Permissions Department so you should consult the website to find the phone number, email address, or webpage associated with permissions. Often, the publisher has instructions on the webpage or provides an online request form to help you expedite the process.

5. Send a physical copy of the request letter along with a self addressed stamped envelope, as well.

6. You are advised to keep a copy of the request and response (written or email) for your records and the College Records. If your request involves multiple copies for your students, the Print Shop needs a copy of the publisher's response, too.