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ENC1102 Pechter Robin Mueller: Part 2: Literary Criticism

This guide is intended to help you locate, evaluate, and use appropriate sources for your research paper assignment.

Literary Criticism: Part 2 of your Research Paper

This part of your research paper should comprise two and a half to three pages that reflects your response to literary criticism about your novel. 

The literary criticisms should be articles from scholarly journals, preferably from the IRSC databases, or books in the College Reserves (Brackett Library). Identify specific points made by these authors that help support your thesis and/or the theme you have chosen to discuss in your paper.

Finding Literary Criticism Articles (online)

Use IRSC's online databases to find articles containing literary criticism. Suggested databases are:

What is Literary Criticism?

Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literary works. Academic literary criticism is usually written by experts or scholars about a literary title or author. These works can be articles, collections of essays, or an entire book on a specific topic.

What's NOT Literary Criticism?

When you look for literary criticisms, AVOID:

  • Plot summaries
  • CliffNotes, SparkNotes, etc.
  • Author biographies
  • Brief book reviews

Finding Literary Criticism Books (print)

Print books containing scholarly articles and essays on authors and novels are located in the College Reserves collections in the IRSC libraries. Here are some examples of works that analyze the writings of some of your authors.