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Faculty Resources

Policies and procedures for faulty and adjuncts needing library resources or instruction.

Place Your Textbook on Reserve in the Library

  • Does your class use a textbook? 
  • Do you have an extra copy? 
  • Do you want to increase student access to the book?  

Consider placing an extra copy on reserve at an IRSC library! Here's how it works:

  1. Bring the book to the library
  2. Tell us your name, the course number and course title
  3. Give us a day to process the book and add it to the collection
  4. Tell your students the book is on reserve in the library

Your book will be stored securely in a staff-controlled shelving area until a student needs it. Students are required to show their library cards (student I.D. cards) to check out the book for in-house use. The book never leaves the building, but your students can read, take notes and/or make photocopies of pages. 

If you have books or other items that you would like to place on reserve, please contact Angie (x7199) for Main, Dixon Hendry, or Chastain campus libraries; Angie (x2544) for Mueller campus library; or Christine (x6381) for the St. Lucie West campus library.