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Tutoring Centers at IRSC: CLEP

Study Resources for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Textbook Resources

The Tutoring Center offers the following resources for CLEP preparation:  

• 2020 CLEP: Official Study Guide (Massey campus only)

• 2018 CLEP: Official Study Guide (Massey campus only)

Tutors are available to assist students with questions they may have while studying for the CLEP at all of the Tutoring Centers at IRSC. 
Note: Tutors may not be able to assist in some of the tests such as foreign language and business.

Please contact one of the Tutoring Centers for more information.

CLEP Official Test

Visit the official CLEP website for more information.

Mometrix eLibrary

The St. Lucie County Library System subscribes to a great test prep database, Mometrix. Current IRSC students are eligible to get a St. Lucie County Library System library card even if they live outside of St. Lucie County. Fill out the online application for a library card to access Mometrix and other online resources, or call call the Pruitt Campus Library at 772-336-6380 for more information.

The Mometrix eLibrary contains test prep materials for many exams including CLEP!

 Mometrix eLibrary - St. Lucie County Library System

Gale Peterson's Test Prep

Current IRSC students and employees can access Peterson's Test Prep database by signing in with their MyPioneerPortal credentials. Peterson's Test Prep requires a second, free account. Create that second account for free to access all of the test prep materials and save your progress for next time.

Note: If you have issues accessing this database or questions, contact IRSC Libraries at and we will be happy to help you.

Gale Presents Peterson's Test Prep contains test prep materials for many exams including CLEP!

 Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep