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MAN3063 Organizational Ethics Chandler Arlene: Home

MAN3063 Organizational Ethics

Welcome to the LibGuide for Professor Chandler's Organizational Ethics course. This guide provides a selection of databases, books, and websites that will help you resources for your class assignments.

It is important to evaluate all sources you use for college assignments. See the Websites tab for more information on evaluating sources.

If you need additional help finding sources or formatting your assignments in APA, contact the Reference Librarian at the Brackett Library.

Your Mueller Campus Librarian

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Angie Neely-Sardon - IRSC
Indian River State College
Mueller Campus
Brackett Library L205
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Vero Beach, FL 32966


What is plagiarism?

"The act of claiming someone else's work as your own."

Remember: Everything you find has been created by someone else.

Here are some examples of plagiarism:

Failing to cite when you copy and paste

Failing to cite when you reword what someone else has said or written

Failing to cite when you take information from the Web

Reusing a paper that you have written in another course (self-plagiarism)


Plagiarism Tutorial

APA Tutorial

Quick Links for Your Research

Use these tools to find information for your paper: