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Research Assignment

This guide is to assist you in completing the research paper and annotated bibliography assignment. The research paper needs to be written on a controversial topic, using a minimum of 3 sources from the databases. All sources need to be within the past 10 years. Essay and citations will be completed in APA citation style. 

Find the best topic using these resources

Suggested databases to use for this assignment

Scholarly versus Popular

Scholarly articles are:

in-depth |  written by experts   validated with technical language, abstracts, literature reviews, methodologies, tables, graphs, and conclusions |  reviewed by experts | given a bibliography

Popular articles are:

brief overviews of topics |  written by journalists |  easily read by most people |  illustrated with colorful photographs or pictures reviewed by editors | not given a bibliography

Search for Articles using Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is another way to find scholarly articles on a wide variety of topics. In order to easily tell which articles are available in the IRSC databases (which is a requirement for this assignment), follow these easy instructions:

  • Visit
  • Click Settings at the top of the page
  • Click Library Links on left side of page
  • Search and select Indian River State College
  • Click Save

After following these instructions, when conducting Google Scholar searches Find Text at IRSC links should appear on the right side of the page next to articles available in school databases. If you click those links, you will be prompted to download the article. If you have any trouble--contact an IRSC librarian for assistance. 

Reference Librarian

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Sara Johnson
500 NW California Blvd
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

STEM Librarian

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Kendra Auberry - Indian River State College
500 N.W. California Blvd.
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986