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Open Educational Resources: Faculty Adoption

Find open educational resources (OERs) available to lower or eliminate the cost of textbook content for any course at Indian River State College. Find open access materials including alternative textbooks, public domain resources, and creative commons lic

Faculty OER Champions at IRSC

Dr. Anne L. Drabczyk began teaching Foundations of Health Science Research HSC4730 at Indian River State College in the fall of 2014. She inherited the textbook (cost of $136) used for this class, but was dissatisfied with the content, which was too theoretical and not a good match to the applied research healthcare managers would be required to conduct. She made the switch in the spring of 2015 to a less expensive textbook ($82), but it was still not a good match for the needs her students. Dr. Drabczyk found that her students struggled with the chapters on hypothesis testing, statistics, and interpreting data were too academic. “Students had to learn a basic step-wise approach to building a research prospectus that they could apply on the job at some point; they did not have to become bench researchers”. Dr. Drabczyk began supplementing the book with other resources. She had planned on removing the required textbook altogether when she attended a session on Open Educational Resources to help her get past the copyright hurdle. In fall 2017 Dr. Drabczyk will teach her first class using all open materials. HSC4730 is an online course which has passed Quality Matters review.