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MAN3240 Carlson Ronald ITV Course: Home

A research guide for Dr. Carlson's MAN3240 students.

Alexis Neeson

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Alexis Carlson
Indian River State College
3209 Virginia AV, L-131
Fort Pierce, FL 34981

Usually e-mail is the best way to contact me:

(772) 462-7194
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Welcome to the LibGuide for Dr. Carlson's MAN3240 students. This research guide will help you find high-quality sources of information for your Research Report project. Here is your assignment:

Individuals or Groups of 2-4 depending on circumstances will be responsible for a research project to be delivered in three parts as PowerPoint presentations throughout the semester. Each Group will advise the professor of who the members are and what individual has been selected for research and PowerPoint presentation.  The individual must have contributed substantially to the management and/or leadership of organizations and people.  The PowerPoint will be delivered in three parts throughout the semester.  Part 1 will cover the individual life and contributions.  Part 2 will describe the management approach prior to the individual’s contributions.  Part 3 will describe how the individual’s contribution is used or changed in contemporary times.  Several possible individuals are noted below.

Bernard Bass
Chester Bernard
Victor Vroom
David McCelland
Abraham Maslow
Elton Mayo
Frederick Taylor
Frederick Herzberg
Hershey & Blanchard
Attila the Hun
Sun Tzu
Blake & Mouton

In the different tabs above you will find links and tips to find business related resources in books, journals, and on the Internet. Whenever you conduct research for any college related course the information you find should be evaluated for:

  • Currency (is the information up to date?)
  • Relevancy (is the information relevant to your topic/subject/assignment?)
  • Authority (is the author identified and have the proper credentials to make such claims?)
  • Bias (does the author/organization/publication have a stake in providing only one side of an argument?)

The information in this LibGuide has been evaluated for these criteria and are more scholarly than what you might find in a simple Google search. However, you should always evaluate the information you use in any college assignment.

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