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ENC1102 Mallonee TCPSTC: Home

ENC1102 Professor Mallonee

Welcome to the course guide for Dr. Mallonee's ENC1102 course at TCPSTC. This guide will help you find resources on In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway. 

In Our Time is your primary sourceor the source that you will be analyzing for your paper. Secondary sources are those sources that talk about In Our Time, and usually look at themes, characters, and other literary devices. For your research, you will have to find 4-8 scholarly sources, or sources that are written by experts in the field. 

Search Tips

Searching for scholarly resources in the IRSC database will give you more credible, scholarly sources than a search on the free web. Here are some tips so you can find the best results for your work.

  • Use quotation marks around a title (ex. "In Our Time" or "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife") to find specific articles that discuss these works. 
  • Limit your results to "Full-text", so your search results include only those works that you can access right now. Not finding what you need? Remove this limiter and see if you can find any articles in the databases that may not be owned by IRSC, we may be able to use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to retrieve the article for you.  
  • If you do not find specific articles about your work, you may be able to find articles written on similar topics that you can use for your paper. Identify themes in the short story you're analyzing (like World War I, childbirth, and father-son relationships) and search for these terms in the databases. 

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Reserves at the Miley Library

The Miley Library has a curated collection of books that discuss Ernest Hemingway in its Reserves section. These books feature scholarly articles, literary criticisms, and other academic information. Students may check out books from the reserves collection for two days at a time. Reserves books will have "reserves" listed under location.