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French Literature and Resources at the IRSC Library: Home

French Resources

Welcome to the LibGuide for French language and literature resources at IRSC! 

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eResources at the Library

The IRSC Databases have over 150,000 eBooks for student and staff access. Try browsing the French literature and language searches below, or perform your own search with an author or subject of your choice!

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Print Resources at the Library

In the Miley and Pruitt Campus Libraries, books by French authors will be found in PQ1-3999

The list below is only a sample of the titles we have available at the IRSC library, so please contact us if you have a title you'd like to see!

Media Resources at the IRSC Library


A Short Story of France's Epic Language-in French

From medieval Gaul to the Age of the Internet, the French language has kept in step with history, changing and growing with the times yet never losing its unique character. This program stops at various points along the timeline to spotlight important chapters in the story of the evolution of a vibrant linguistic mélange in locales as diverse as Europe, North America, and Africa. Many maps, representative texts from across the centuries, and newsreel clips help tell the tale. (in French, 28 minutes)