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Library guide for short story research.


Welcome to the LibGuide for Professor Alvarez's ENC1102 course. This library guide will help you with the research needed for your blog assignment. Follow the tabs on the top of the page to find books, articles, websites and citation guides.

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Ask Us Anything!

Indian River State College has a wealth of online resources to help you complete your research, but do not hesitate to ask a librarian if you need help on a specific project or class.   

Click on the librarian for contact information. For virtual students and those students at the Dixon Hendry or Chastain campuses, email any librarian to be connected with personalized research assistance. 


Picture of Dr. Akos Delneky, Administrative Director of Learning Resources

Dr. Akos Delneky
Administrative Director
Fort Pierce Campus

Picture of Alexis Carlson, Librarian

Alexis Carlson
Faculty Librarian
Fort Pierce Campus

Kendra Auberry
Faculty Librarian
Pruitt Campus

 Picture of Angie Neely Sardon, Librarian

Angie Neely-Sardon
Faculty Librarian
Mueller Campus

Picture of Mia Tignor, Librarian

Mia Tignor
Faculty Librarian
Fort Pierce Campus

Picture of Brett Williams, Librarian

Brett Williams
Faculty Librarian
Pruitt Campus

Katie Williams
Faculty Librarian
Fort Pierce Campus